Aliya Rabbani is a contemporary artist (b. 1983), living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. Aliya's artistic practice is distinguished by her unique approach to texture manipulation, involving the layering of raw cement to create unique patterns, followed by intricate carving of hardened surfaces. Her distinctive style also includes the application of color in a manner that settles in sculpted designs. Furthermore, her work features abstract compositions characterized by smooth surfaces, earthy color palettes, and tessellating wooden shapes. Aliya's art focuses on the interplay of diverse mediums, materials, textures, colors, and emerging ornaments on solidified surfaces.

Aliya's artistic essence is deeply connected to a thorough examination of impermanence. Her art consistently delves into themes that reflect on imperfections. Notably, her creations feature recurring motifs like raw materials and symbolic heartbeat lines, intertwining to infuse her pieces with profound depth and allegorical meaning. By employing these recurring elements in her oeuvre, Aliya has established a cohesive body of work that invites viewers to contemplate the topic of the complexities of human existence.

Selected exhibitions:
2023, Pure, Gårdslaten (solo exhibition)  Stockholm, Sweden
2023, O.S.D 2 (solo exhibition), Stockholm, Sweden
2022, Imperfect, Flaxenvik (solo exhibition) Stockholm, Sweden
2021, Raw, Wira Bruk (solo exhibition) Österåker, Sweden
2020, O.S.D 1 (solo exhibition) Åkersberga, Sweden

Aliya Rabbani features in various national and international private collections. 

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